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+ are HOLY.SMOKES addictive? // HOLY.SMOKES do not have tobacco/nicotine or other addictive substances. see the MEET the HERBS page for more info on our blends.

+ how do I smoke HOLY.SMOKES? // the loose leaf blends can be rolled with other smokables (such as tobacco) & smoked as you wish. you may also wish to vaporize the herbs to avoid smoke from entering your lungs. for our pre rolled smokes, you may follow this step by step process.

+ are HOLY.SMOKES good for me? // please consult with a health care professional before trying HOLY.SMOKES if you are on any medication, are pregnant or nursing, have any allergies to plants in the Asteraceae family (such as chamomile), or are generally unsure about using this product. HOLY.SMOKES have not been approved by the FDA.

+ how else can I use HOLY.SMOKES? //  our loose leaf blends can be added to the bath to be used as an aromatic, skin soothing soak; or sipped as a tea (1 tsp / cup of water). our pre rolled smokes can be lit & used as sacred smudge sticks for sending prayers on the wind.

+ where can I buy HOLY.SMOKES? // you may buy them on our online shop or visit any of our stockists around the world.